◊ For those of you who do not know our Time Wizard yet, here is a little demo!

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Demo and application example of Shakmat's Time Wizard

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◊ Substrating basic analog waveforms with SumDif leads to interesting results :)
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◊ SumDif production launched ! ... See moreSee less

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◊ Nice 4 Bricks Rook video by Nektar !
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Shakmat Modular 4 Bricks Rook drives all sequences. Touring Machine which provides pitch (via Antimatter Brainseed) to Klangbau Koln Twin Peak Resonator and ...

◊ Restocking for the upcoming winter ! Matttech Modular Schneidersladen Modular Addict Thonk ... See moreSee less

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◊ Awesome video demonstrating the Knigth's Gallop possibilities from Chris Meyer / Learning Modular ! ... See moreSee less

This intelligent module uses a set of internal Tables and Modes to create a wide variety of different two-part rhythms where you get to set the pattern, leng...

◊ Working on tiny stuffs in the lab :) Two new 2hp modules HiPass and SumDif should be in production very soon ! ... See moreSee less

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◊ Trancegating with Knight's Gallop ! ... See moreSee less

testing some 1010music Synthbox sounds. gates are done with Shakmat Knight´s Galopp and Mutable Instruments Peaks

◊ Four Bricks Rook Demo / Video Manual Online !

First units will be finally finished this week :)
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A demo of the major functions of the Four Bricks Rook.

◊ Biomusic App + Bishop's Miscellany = Sweet <3 thanks Mark Hakonen-Meddings for this ! ... See moreSee less

Quick ( sorry, phone mic .. ) Biomusic test using the Shakmat Bishops Miscellany CV recorder via Rebel Technolgy Open Sound Module Biomusic app sends OSC to ...

◊ Getting a Four Bricks Rook in your rig is about to be a reality ! ... See moreSee less

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Shakmat Modular shared ZARk's Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop DIY Kit.

◊ Wiggler ZARk assembling our Knight's Gallop !
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Building a Knight's Gallop DIY Full kit. Shakmat Modular

◊ For our German followers, check out this podcast from Superbooth where we speak about the eurorack format, Shakmat s modules and optimizing a modular system for visually impaired people. 0:40:00 ! ... See moreSee less

Die Superbooth findet in diesem Jahr zum zweiten Mal als eigenständige Fachmesse für elektronische Musikinstrumente in Berlin statt. Wir haben die Veranstaltung besucht und blicken im ersten Teil auf die Musikmesse 2017 zurück und erklären, was ein Synthesizer eigentlich ist. Wir sprechen unter ande...

Shakmat Modular shared Wired Electronics's event.

◊ This week end in Brussels !

Solder with us at the DIY workshop saturday at Barlok

Check us on stage saturday night at Barlok too !

Meet us the modular market, sunday at Beursschouwburg

And let's have drinks together the rest of the fest :)
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