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Miscellany Firmwares

Whether you want to improve your Bishop's Miscellany V/Oct Tracking & trigger detection or add some more features, the new firmwares are what you need.

The v1.2 firmware enhance the V/Oct Tracking & inputs trigger detection while the v2.0 adds High Resolution Recording, Reverse & Auto Copy on top of it.

Note that all Shakmat sold new Bishop's Miscellany are provided with v1.2 firmware and can be optionally delivered with v2.0 free of charge.

V 2.0 Firmware
V 2.0 Features

• More accurate V/Oct Tracking

• more efficient trigger detection on gate inputs 1 & 2

• Higher resolution recording : this change the game for the cut mode, while activated, the module is dividing each steps in 4 micro steps allowing to create off-beat patterns or 128 steps long sequences

• Reverse mode : while playing 32 steps sequences, the module reads the sequence backward if the shift knob is set fully clock wise (this function can be activated with the shift cv input too)

• Auto-copy : a sequence recorded on buffer A is automatically copied on buffer B. Furthermore, a segment recorded on buffer A is automatically copied on every buffer B segments.


Ready to use — 20 €*

Plug & play 28 pin Miscellany brain

* Price does not include shipping cost.

Learn how to swap your Bishop’s Miscellany brain with this short PDF.