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Right in time

The Clock O’Pawn is a useful clock sourcing device that performs as your system’s true chef d’orchestre. Its transport section lets you start, stop, and reset connected instruments which are synchronised to an intuitive internal clock source or dancing along with your analogue and MIDI equipment. If you get bored by a metronomous clock, turn up the swing function and the maestro will lead with a nice shuffled feel!


• Dual Output Clock Generator

• 4 different clock sources: BPM potentiometer, tap tempo, external clock in or MIDI in

• Reset output generating a reset trigger slightly preceeding the first clock signal

• Swing function, controlled by a potentiometer, swinging from slight groovy swang to triplets

• Ergonomic transport buttons allow the user to start, stop, pause and reset the module

• Second output providing a copy of the first output non affected by the swing, by the stop or by both

• MIDI to TRS adapter included (assembled & kit)

• User replaceable firmware chip

• Elektron style push buttons

• High quality metal potentiometer with double rubber injected knob

• Skiff friendly (25mm deep)

• 6 HP Wide



DIY Kit — 125€*

Fully furnished DIY version with user manual & MIDI to TRS adapter.
Build difficulty :

Ready to use — 165€*

Fully assembled Clock O'Pawn, boxed with user manual & MIDI to TRS adapter.

* Price does not include shipping cost.

Know everything about your Clock O'Pawn with this PDF.

Learn the full assembly process detailled with illustration in vector PDF.