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Clock Sorcery

The Time Apprentice is a compact dual configurable clock divider. The dividers have their own set of divisions, perfect for applications such as clocking and resetting sequencers, syncing pingable modulation sources or triggering events. A set of jumpers at the back of the module allows for personalisation of the divider’s behaviour.


• Dual clock dividers

• Dedicated potentiometer for each divider with two different ratio ranges

• 4 jumpers at the back allowing customisation of the dividers (triggers/gates, auto-reset, alternative clocking)

• Skiff friendly (25mm deep)

• Intellijel and Pulp Logic format supported

• 1U — 14hp



DIY Kit — 52€*

Complete DIY kit with both Intellijel and Pulp Logic frontpanel.
Build difficulty :

Ready to use — 73€*

Fully assembled Intellijel 1U format Time Apprentice, boxed with user manual and additional Pulp Logic front panel.

* Price does not include shipping cost.

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