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Knight's gallop limited edition

The White Gallop is the proud throttle companion of our dear Knight's Gallop. Less focused on the algorithmic side of rhythm generation, the White Gallop provides more assymetrical and unusual patterns. This limited edition also received a useful new weapon : the auto-reset function, which obviously resets the generated sequences after 8 or 16 steps. Just like the Knight's Gallop, this module is endowed with the same modes and sub modes allowing utility, computational and randomish treatment of the patterns. Of course, we also kept our beloved dual and record modes. Having the same workflow and delivering a totally different rhytmic feeling, the White Gallop is a perfect tool to quickly and intuitively provide astonishing polyrhythms.


• Dual Output Trigger Generator

• Variable length sequences (up to 16 steps)

• Length and Pulse amount potentiometers and CV inputs

• Shift + & shift - buttons allowing to shift the sequence forward and backward

• Main mode (MN) providing a lot of utlity modes for the second output : reset, no shift, invert and reverse

• Compute mode (CP) calculating associated sequences for the second output delivering very musical polyrythms

• Random mode (RD) adding randomness on the second output sequence, 4 amounts of randomness determined by the sub mode

• Dual mode (DL) allowing to set the two outputs seperatly

• Record mode (RC) turning the Knight's Gallop into a “play your sequence on the buttons to record it” module

• Auto-Reset function which automatically resets the sequences after 8 or 16 steps

• Five different kind of tables for five different rythmic flavours : As Straight as Possible, Length minus Pulse, Accelerando, Decelerando & Fill Next

• Elektron style push buttons

• High quality metal potentiometers with double rubber injected knobs

• Skiff friendly (25mm deep)

• 8 HP Wide


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Fully furnished DIY version
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Ready to use — SOLD OUT

Fully assembled White Gallop, boxed with user manual & goodies.

* Price does not include shipping cost.

Know everything about your White Gallop with this PDF.

WG Tables, Modes & Sub-Modes all on one sheet.

Learn the full assembly process detailled with illustration in vector PDF.