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Instant Riff Maker

That's how a beta tester described this module and we think it's pretty fair.

Basicaly, the Bishop's Miscellany is a dual stepped CV/Gate Recorder. It means it records two CV’s and two Gates on steps a bit like an analog shift register but with a lot more.

First, plug in your CV/Gate keyboard, your MIDI interface, your ribbon, your joystick or your favorite CV/Gate controller and record a sequence. If you are too lazy to play something, you can even use the internal random generator to feed the inputs. Then, play the sequence and mangle it, it's that easy!


• Dual Stepped CV / Gate Recorder

• Variable length sequences (up to 32 steps)

• Shift parameter scanning differents segments in your original sequence.

• AB switch allowing to record two different 32 steps sequences.

• Random value generator very handly to create random loops or to play sequences randomly

• Cut function hacking the gate out 1 for more dynamic phrases

• CV inputs for Length and Shift functions • Gate inputs for all the switch functions (Record, AB, Cut and Random)

• User replaceable firmware chip

• High quality metal potentiometers with double rubber injected knobs

• Skiff friendly (22mm depth)

• 12 HP Wide

• 25mA @ +12V / 0mA @ -12v

• Input & Outplut voltages 0 - 5V

Pre-production unit
Episode 01
The Pressure Wobble Experience
Episode 02
Mellow Strips
Episode 03
Planning the chords

DIY Kit — 160 €*

Fully furnished DIY version delivered in flat package.
Build difficulty :

Ready to use — 249 €*

Fully assembled Bishop’s Miscellany, boxed with user manual & goodies.

DIY Kits & assembled Miscellany can be delivered with v1.2 or v2.0 firmware. Please mention your choice while ordering

* Prices does not include shipping cost.

Learn how to use your Bishop’s Miscellany with this short PDF.

Learn the full assembly process detailled with illustration in vector PDF.


"Bishop's Miscellany is an insanely fun module for coming up with CV gestures and endless random variations. I have been using it nonstop since its been in my rig."

Richard Devine, 2015

"Bishop's Miscellany dual stepped CV/Gate recorder/looper by shakmatmodular.com will be sequencing the acid this weekend."

Surgeon, Instagram, 2016